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There is a detoxication method through the feet which was practiced by ancient Chinese medicine.

It was based on a theory that many energy zones that are connected with internal body organs are contained in the feet.

From that theory, this medicine believed that through the feet the human body can be detoxicated and cleansed.

Here are a few suggested ways for this ancient technique:

Ionic Foot Bath

For cleaning the body toxins, this bath is an exceptionally effective way.

This bath is a simple technique that uses electrical current ,from which a chemical reaction is about to be made, also this bath is based on electrolysis.

Since it is a bath, it uses hot water to open the skin pores and with a little help from the salt in it, it is an anti-inflammatory astringent. By absorbing the ions from the bath through the feet, the body is starting to release the toxins and the water is starting to pale.

Salt Detox Bath Recipe

  • 1 cup of sea salt
  • 1 cup of Epsom salt
  • 2 cups of baking soda
  • Essential oils (optional)


For the ingredients to dissolve pour them into boiling hot water,when it is all done cool the water for a while and soak the feet for half an hour. By doing this method the body can detoxify, it will stop skin irritations, magnesium level will be enormously increased and most importantly it will free you of tiredness and exhaustion.

Oxygen Detox Bath Recipe


  • 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 tablespoon dried ginger powder


By adding the two ingredients in hot water, and soaking the feet in for half an hour, it will treat skin irritations and allergies , also detoxicating the body.

Clay Detox Bath Recipe


  • ½ cup bentonite clay
  • ½ cup Epsom salt
  • Essential oils (optional)


To dissolve the Epsom salt pour it into hot water. Than in a small cup of water mix the clay, and than pour it in the bath. Soaking the feet into this mixture for 20 minutes by far will provide high magnesium amounts and detoxify the body.

Foot Detox Pads

Healthy stores are places when you can find and purchase yout foot detox pad. They are used in a simple way, by putting them on your feet while sleeping. You can see the results yourself, if the pads have turned dark, it means the toxins from the body have been removed.